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Femmefest ready with shows all weekend

Femmefest ready with shows all weekend


As FMMF sets up, Femmefest is as well. The alternative festival has stuck to its guns even after the split between Fashion Meets Music and R. Kelly. Femmefest, created in response to the choice of R. Kelly because of rumors of child predation, a trail (and acquittal) for making child porn, is still going strong to celebrate women. “Honestly, the more of that there is, the more you need things like [Femmefest] where the event stands for everybody,” organizer Laddan Shoar said, according to Alive. “The more we normalize the discussion, the easier it becomes to foster a safe environment for survivors to come forward to seek resources and community.” So even after R. Kelly split, Femmefest continues and proceeds are going toward Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, who will also be on site to offer service and support to survivors. Both Saintseneca and Damn the Witch Siren had withdrawn from FMMF because of R. Kelly and hopped onto Femmefest.

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