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Go ahead, smoke and gamble at the same time

Go ahead, smoke and gamble at the same time


Wednesday, Ohio Casinos officially added space for an outdoor, smoking patio aimed at slot players. Hollywood Casino Columbus created the space following the approval of an outdoor space that doubles as an area to smoke as well as continuing to gamble. “The new slot area is the result of customer feedback,” said Himbert Sinopoli, Vice President and General Manager. “The additional area allows us to offer an option to guests who may enjoy smoking while they play.” The patio will be heat controlled so that guests won’t be stopped from enjoying the area when the temperatures drop.

Previously August 13, 2014

The Hollywood Casino in both Columbus and Toledo are aiming to add sloth machines for smokers. Casinos are seeking to permission from Ohio Casino Control Commission so they can slide a few machines into their outdoor smoking areas, the Dispatch reported. If possible, casinos could be adding those outdoor machines by the end of the year, and smokers won’t have to take a break from gambling.

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