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Greg Oden’s arrest is great for t-shirt businesses

Greg Oden’s arrest is great for t-shirt businesses

Greg Oden's mug shot
Greg Oden’s mug shot

Greg Oden’s arrest might not be the best for him, but local t-shirt shops are in middle of a t-shirt chaos as fans clamor for the same shirt Oden was wearing in his mug shot. The shirt in question: the Marcus Hall inspired shirt as he flips off the Big House. The player was kicked out of the game because of the fight that sparked on the field at The Game. Oden, a former OSU basketball player and no.1 draft pick to the NBA happened to be wearing that shirt while taking his mug shot after allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend Thursday. According to TMZ Sports, Lamp Apparel in the Short North is struggling to keep up with the mass of orders coming in for the Marcus Hall “Ohio State of Mind” shirt. It’s great for business, not so great for Oden.

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