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On the lam…and sending Facebook updates?

On the lam…and sending Facebook updates?


Vershawn S. Davis Jr. was arrested in Middleton for the murder of his father in north Columbus. According to the Dispatch, he goes by “Finesse King” online and was posting to his Facebook page while on the run as a murder suspect. He spent a less than a week on the run but was posting the whole time, 32 times in the five day time period, the paper reported. Who could resist posting their Thanksgiving dinner photo (shotgun and handgun included in the photo)?

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Previously December 1, 2014
Man accused of shooting father, arrested in Middletown

Vershawn S. Davis Jr. was caught and arrested Sunday night in Middletown. He has been accused in the Nov. 25 killing of his father, 40-year-old Vershawn Davis Sr. When arrested Davis Jr. had a gun but did not use it. Davis Sr.’s death occurred in north Columbus.

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