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55 years for rapist who nearly killed friend’s wife

55 years for rapist who nearly killed friend’s wife


David Hudson was sentenced to 55 years in prison for raping, beating, stabbing and nearly killing his friend’s wife, according to the Dispatch. If he does get out of jail he must also register as a sex offender. Preceding the trial, Hudson waived his right to a trial by jury, and judge Pat Sheeran convicted him Monday.

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Previously September 22, 2014
Man faces 7 decades for beating and raping friend’s wife

Monday morning a North Side man was convicted of raping, stabbing, beating and almost killing his friend’s wife. With that conviction, David Hudson, is looking at upwards of 70 years in jail. Hudson had waived his right to a jury and the judge heard three days of testimony that included photos of the victim with stab and puncture wounds to her head, and body, according to the Dispatch. The sentencing is set for Thursday.

The victim testified and said that Hudson had been a friend of her husband’s and had asked to stay the night in their home and had stayed there before. She said that he asked her husband to take him to pick up clothes at another house, and while the husband was waiting, Hudson returned to the house where he attacked her. She said Hudson told her that her husband was dead and forced her to perform oral sex, then dragged her upstairs, stabbed her with a knife and a screwdriver, and forced her to perform oral sex on him a second time, stomping on her and beating her. Neighbors responded to her screams and police found Hudson at the house he lived in with his mother.

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