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All-Star Weekend: For Columbus, its in the bag

All-Star Weekend: For Columbus, its in the bag

614now Staff

We always think of celebrity gift bags when it comes to the Oscars or something like that.  Dame Judi Dench hands out an award for cinematography and as she steps off the stage, someone slips her a fancy sack complete with a gold bracelet, an iPhone 7 and the keys to a 2015 Lexus LX.

With the top hockey players in the world coming to Columbus, in addition to NHL team presidents and execs, the push is on for Columbus to put its best foot forward.  There’s more at stake than just this one weekend.  There’s the future to consider.  Impressing the right person could mean future dollars for the city down the road. Maybe they’ll book a convention in our fair city somewhere down the line.  Maybe they’ll order up hundreds of tubs of Jeni’s ice cream for some special event.  Who knows?  In any event, it all comes down to the bag.

The Columbus Sports Commission will hand out more than 150 gift bags this weekend, all designed to represent the best that Columbus has to offer, and with an emphasis on local, independent businesses.  Among the items included:

  • Elevator Brewing Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale
  • Elevator Brewing Winter Warmer Ale
  • OYO Vodka
  • Coffee beans from Cafe Brioso and Stauf’s
  • Spices from the North Market
  • Victoria’s Secret gift cards
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream gift cards
  • Bath & Body Works gift cards
  • Columbus Brewing IPA
  • Ohio-shaped soap from Stinkybomb Soap
  • Seventh Son American Strong Ale
  • North High Pale Ale
  • Four String Vanilla Porter
  • a Brownie Points Buckeye Brownie
  • a leather wallet from Zeroz
  • …and more

If you were filling a gift bag with the best of the best of Columbus, what would you be sure to include?  (jj)

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