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Update: Powdered alcohol gets thumbs-up

Update: Powdered alcohol gets thumbs-up


Update: Palcohol, a powder that claims to make any beverage it’s added to alcoholic, get approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The powdered alcohol product had to get (re)approved over a label issue; the bureau felt that it’s label needed to better indicate what was in it, so that “potential for abuse” could be avoided.

Palcohol isn’t in the clear though. Several states have made steps to ban the product. Ohio, earlier this year, brought a bill to the House that would ban it from being sold in the state. (deb)

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Previously July 15, 2014

Off the shelves: Bill to ban powdered alcohol

The FDA approved Palcohol…and then rescinded that approval (not a good sign). Pending it’s re-approval, the state is proposing a bill that would ban it all together. According to WTVN, Ohio isn’t the first to make this step and other states have already made moves to ban the item, with major concerns pertaining to underage users.
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