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Theraflu is about to put in some overtime

Theraflu is about to put in some overtime

614now Staff

As we all rush inside to keep warm from the freezing temperatures, something else is running wild: the flu. The Ohio Department of Health has listed influenza activity as widespread and reports that more than 973 hospitalizations take place in the last weeks of December. And as of Jan. 5, 482 people in Franklin County have been hospitalized with influenza (compared to the 2013-2104 flu season which had 485 people treated in hospitals). Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Teresa Long said if the virus continues to spread at its current pace, hospitalizations could exceed 518 (the highest seasonal number set in 2009).

And with flu season only at its halfway point, doctors and the CDC are recommending that you (especially if you’re pregnant, elderly or a kid) get a flu shot. (deb)

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