Meet the Maker(s)

That’s the unofficial mantra of Re:work Furnishings, the fast-growing Grandview company filling living rooms, bars, and patios with stunning custom-made reclaimed wood projects over the past few years.

Churning out hundreds of pieces that range in scope from small home décor items (cutting boards, coasters) to large in-home installations (barn doors, pergolas), Rework have been able to fit the needs of many while staying close to their core ethos of reuse and redesign.

Now, with expanded capability at their new space, Alex and Lindsay Remley and their team see no limit to what they can deliver to their customers. 614Living got Alex to stop the saws long enough to gather some extra perspective on the Re:work blueprint:

What gives you the most joy—working on the piece, or seeing the finished project in the customer’s hands? Seeing the finished product in its final home is a really great moment. There is so much planning and tweaking from concept to completion and when the client gets to see their custom piece in its space for the first time it’s a wonderful moment for everyone.

It seems like not too long ago, wood was looked at as some outdated building material, and now it’s all anyone wants. Can you speak to what is so special about it in your eyes or the eyes of your clients? Every piece is different and has its own character. Reclaimed wood especially has character and detail that you just can’t find in new materials. Also, people are realizing that just because something is made from reclaimed wood, it doesn’t have to be traditional in style. We have worked on all sorts of projects from super traditional farmhouse tables to minimal modern dining sets.

Does it make your work extra special that it’s also custom-made for a client? Custom pieces are fun and interesting as well as challenging because it is typically a new design. The fun of a new design is often like completing a challenging puzzle.

How much leeway do you have to make something that you think they may like, or does it have to stay exactly to script? It depends on the customer. We are happy to replicate previous designs modified for a new home, but sometimes people just tell us the project and ask us to come up with the design.

What has been the greatest evolution of your company? Biggest lessons learned? The transition out of our garage and into our new shop space in Grandview has definitely been the most transformative change in our company. The growth of our team, the scope and size of projects and the creative liberties have been amazing. The biggest lessons learned are tools do considerable damage to the body when you rush. Take your time.

If budget and time was no object, give me one custom project you’d love to take on. We’d love to be able to help design and furnish a home with custom furniture and installations with complete creative freedom. We wouldn’t want to finish it with just our pieces, but a mix that meets the needs of the homeowner. This is something we are working on in our own home and would love to expand into down the road. Each room in our house has a piece we’ve made. We have a sort of eclectic/modern aesthetic and it’s challenging and fun to find a way to incorporate a piece from Re:work into every space in our home.

Re:work Furnishings

757 Adena Dr.



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