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Walk-on Buckeye fans gain national attention

Walk-on Buckeye fans gain national attention

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.08.36 PMLocal Buckeye fans Brett Stone, Brian Orwick, Daryl Neville and Tim Stevens are all managers at and recently competed in a company fitness challenge. Among the tasks involved in the event were 15- and 26-miles walks. When it was all over, the group decided to take at least one more walk…this one 19-miles in length, and word of it has gone coast-to-coast.

The four men mapped out a route on Google that would track the Buckeyes’ famous Script Ohio. (Ohio Stadium provided the dot in “i.”)  The journey took the group 6 and a half hours to complete (longer if you include various bar stops). And when it was finished, Orwick posted an image of their route to reddit. And from there, the story was picked up by news outlets and Ohio State fans everywhere.

The guys say they hope to take the walk again, perhaps as a larger charity fundraiser.

The Buckeye season begins on the road September 7th vs Virginia Tech.  (jj)

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