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Buckeye conflict: Counting Crows move start time for Monday concert

Buckeye conflict: Counting Crows move start time for Monday concert

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.17.57 AMPeople around Columbus aren’t accidentally in love with the Buckeyes. It’s an intense emotional thing for most. After all, fans of the Scarlet and Gray don’t call the rain ‘king.’ Here…the Buckeyes rule. And every game is important. One loss can cost you a chance at a title and then you’d really be looking at a long December.

With that in mind, the Counting Crows found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Their show at the LC was scheduled for this Monday night….the same night as the Buckeyes’ season opener vs Virginia Tech. It’s hard to imagine many Ohio State fans choosing to miss the game and instead jump into a big yellow taxi to head down to the LC for the concert. For me, I can’t picture Buckeye backers hanging around and listening to Adam Duritz instead of watching the team go for the first win of the season.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the Counting Crows. I’m actually a big fan…just as big a fan as my neighbor Mr. Jones. But round here, nothing beats our Buckeyes.

So being the smart guys that they are, the Counting Crows have decided to move up the start time of Monday’s show. Gates that were to open at 7pm will now open at 3pm. The earlier start of the concert should allow Buckeye fans, with the daylight fading, to make it home or to their favorite sports bar to catch the game.

(photo credit: Counting Crows)


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