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Temporary truce: Dish subscribers regain WSYX and WTTE

Temporary truce: Dish subscribers regain WSYX and WTTE

614now Staff

Ongoing negotiations between Dish Network and Sinclair Broadcasting took a bad turn this week with Sinclair blocking their 129 affiliates from the service. Locally, Sinclair owns WSYX (ABC 6) and WTTE (FOX 28).

The FCC on Wednesday called for an emergency meeting between both sides to iron out their differences. Dish and Sinclair returned to the bargaining table last night and Sinclair has (at least temporarily) ended what was the largest television blackout in U.S. history.

Part of the dispute has been over the costs and terms of Dish continuing to carry the Sinclair programming. Dish says that the two sides have found agreement there. They also say that Sinclair is holding out to force Dish to carry an unrelated cable channel that Sinclair hopes to take ownership of in the future…but doesn’t have today.

Sinclair says that Dish is misrepresenting the negotiations. (jj)

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