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Brenz Pizza offers something special-ty

Brenz Pizza offers something special-ty

614now Staff

A new pizza chain has just expanded into Columbus, but it’s fronted by a guy who already knows his way around. Scott Morse owns Brenen’s Cafe inside of OSU Wexner Medical Center. Not long ago, he launched Brenz Pizza in Durham, North Carolina. The growing chain has four stores in all – two stores in the Durham area, one in Knoxville, Tennessee and…with franchisee Mark Mitchell…its first here in central Ohio.

The new store is near the Lennox Town Center, just south of Target, next to Zoup Fresh Soup. Mitchell says that his shop offers sixteen specialty pizzas and will do most of their business from pick-ups and deliveries. (There is a small dining area available.) Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington and Victorian Village look to be the pizza joint’s target areas. They promise quality stuff and look ready to bring it. The Knoxville store was named one of the best finishers at a pizza competition in Columbus this year.

So welcome to Columbus…and good luck Brenz Pizza!  (jj)

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