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Columbus Brewing Company shines in blind national taste test

Columbus Brewing Company shines in blind national taste test

614now Staff

beernowDigital monthly Paste magazine recently concluded a blind taste test of double-IPAs from around the country. The survey included 115 entries including two from the (614) area’s own Columbus Brewing Company. And while a beer from Brooklyn (Grimm Artisanal Ales Lambo Door) took top honors, the submissions from Columbus Brewing did quite well indeed.

Coming in at number 2 on the list is the Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi DIPA.

Columbus Bodhi is some truly awesome beer. It’s a total hop showcase with only a smattering of biscuity malt, but it somehow manages to pack all those intense aromatics and hop-derived flavors into a package that comes complete with very soft bitterness and inherent drinkability. Big on both citrus and tropical hop notes,…It feels like another one of those beers where we couldn’t possibly offer any type of constructive criticism. There’s nothing that could be improved. It’s practically perfection.

And coming in at number 23 on the list was the Columbus Brewing Co. Creeper DIPA. Paste called Creeper “excellent stuff” saying that its…

…aromatics are an irresistible mix of juicy tropical fruit (especially pineapple), but with a notable degree of caramel/light toffee as well. Flavors are similar—an excellent balance between lighter caramel maltiness, very well-hidden booze and tropical/stone fruity hops. It stays dry, with fairly high bitterness in particular on the back end. This is a well-balanced but assertive DIPA that avoids throwing all of its eggs into any particular basket, which is a plus.

Congrats to Columbus Brewing Company on making quite a positive impression!  (jj)

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