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Dirty Franks named one of nation’s top hot dog spots

Dirty Franks named one of nation’s top hot dog spots

614now Staff

oThrillist bills itself as “the ultimate source for everything that matters in food, drink, and travel.” Recently, they’ve decided that one of the things that matters most is hot dogs. As such, they’ve compiled their ranking of the 21 Best Hot Dog Joints in America.

It should be little surprise to local hot dog aficionados that Columbus’ own Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace made the list.

The Vienna Beef dog and the poppyseed bun at this Columbus place might make you think it’s aping Chicago – and, indeed, it does in fact have a Chicago dog on offer – but Dirty Franks is like a national tour of styles, from coneys to Sonorans to Southern slaw dogs. But when this place gets frisky, it really goes off. The Cowgirl Carmen is like a cross between a Detroit dog and a Frito pie, while the Sarva’s comes covered in tot-chos, which are exactly what they sound like. There’s also the Glenn Beck, cleverly described as “a plain, old wiener.” Unlike its namesake, it’s also pretty great.

– Thrillist


(photo credit: Yelp)

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