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Jeni’s brings back Salty Caramel

Jeni’s brings back Salty Caramel

614now Staff

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is bringing back its most popular flavor…Salty Caramel.

The Columbus-based chain is continuing to try and regain its footing after discovery of the listeria bacteria in their production kitchen forced the shut down of manufacturing and scoop shops twice (not to mention a huge voluntary product recall). The shops have remained open since Pride Weekend in June, but the company still is not manufacturing its own product. Jeni’s Ice Cream is currently being made by the Smith Dairy company. Jeni’s has said that there are certain flavors that only they can make, hence the continued absence of flavors like Salty Caramel.

But the popular flavor is now set for a return to scoop shops on Friday via a link with the folks at the Krema Nut Company. Krema will prep the flavor for transportation to Smith Dairy where the actual ice cream will be made.

There is still no word on if / when Jeni’s will return to production.  (jj)

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