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Juicing up: PurePressed Juicery opens downtown

Juicing up: PurePressed Juicery opens downtown


The time is now! PurePressed Juicery opens this morning at 9AM and will start serving up fresh organic juice, salads, and açai bowls. And while 9AM seems like a very early start for some of us (*cough* me), they announced that after today, they’ll start the presses at 6AM. (deb)

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Previously Nov. 13, 2014

PurePressed delivering healthy options downtown

PurePressed Juicery is bringing a bit of the New York City flare to downtown Columbus. Many people come to downtown to not only work but also to live, and as busy young workers begin to fill downtown it becomes increasingly difficult to eat healthy. Owner and local lawyer Greg Mansell is hoping PurePressed changes that. “I have a law firm, I do a lot of business downtown, full day meetings and you can’t really break away and get a healthy meal and take it back and feel good,” he said. With the addition of PurePressed at the HighPoint at Columbus Commons, healthy options won’t just be available, they could be delivered right to you. The juicery is set to offer organic juices, acai bowls (now all the rage) and other healthy options.

The juicery has been modeled after the trendy New York City shops that offer similar choices and allow for a quick lifestyle. Sometimes people just don’t have time to drive to the Short North or elsewhere to get lunch, he said. “We are right in a downtown, urban environment with the local workforce and the city center,” Mansell said. By operating at the city’s epicenter he is hoping to offer the healthy option that is out of reach to many professionals while at work. “It’s a lot of work to always eat healthy,” he said and PurePressed is adding that commodity.

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