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#100CoffeeCups wants to keep your morning coffee animated

#100CoffeeCups wants to keep your morning coffee animated


Columbus’ Josh Hara took up a challenge last year to draw cartoons on 100 coffee cups. And as the year closed, with over 60,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter, Hara saw his goal complete. But 2014 wasn’t the end for him. On New Year’s Day, he pledged to draw another 100 coffee for 2015. And if that still wasn’t enough, he told, “I’ve committed to doing 100 every year. Luckily, I’ve stockpiled blank Starbucks cups. I have about 400 blank cups, so, I’m covered for at least the next three years.”

And who doesn’t love a little animated chuckle with their coffee in the morning?

And don’t forget to check out Stock and Barrel‘s interview with Josh Hara in the “Winter ’14-15” issue (pg. 60)

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Previously Nov. 19, 2014

#100CoffeeCups: The coffee cups that went viral

What was once trash, Josh Hara is turning into art and a giant social media project. On him Instagram account @yoyoha he has been posting photos of empty, white coffee cups that have been transformed with drawings. By day Hara works as the creative director at Resource/Ammirati, but his social media project has put him in the eyes of about 51,000 followers online. Thus far he hasn’t quite finished his 100 cups, but is still working on the the drawings and Hara’s coffee cup art has recently been published on Mashable.

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