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New look for Ohio Craft Beer

New look for Ohio Craft Beer

614now Staff

85NJbOXVviq-yvXXaYziTrQ0udFLPPZW5Wsnsii7os0There is little dispute that we are living in the age of the craft beer. Four years ago, there were 47 craft breweries in the state of Ohio. Today, the number has almost tripled. With the increase in production and attention, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association has decided that it’s time to freshen things up…namely, their logo.

Actually there are two new logos…one for the association itself and one for associated breweries to use on labels and packaging. So as the popularity of brews produced here in Ohio expands beyond our Buckeye borders, there will be no doubt as to where they came from.

“This new brand identity will help unite and propel Ohio Craft Beer and the state’s individual brewers as we continue to grow regionally and nationally. We’re proud to have been part of the process, and look forward to continuing to watch Ohio evolve into a key player in the craft beer industry.”

– Eric Bean, OCBA president and owner / brewer of Columbus Brewing Co.

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