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Novak’s owners taking over Surly Girl spot

Novak’s owners taking over Surly Girl spot

614now Staff

When the 10 year-old Surly Girl Saloon closed its doors in the Short North earlier this year, it came as sad news to fans. Maybe it will be some consolation that a familiar team will be taking over the spot.

Eric Goodman, Greg Tishkoff and Katie Frankel will be opening those doors once again later this year with a new food and drink house. The team already operates a number of other popular establishments around town including Novak’s (across from the Convention Center), the Filling Station in Powell and both Yogi’s locations (Tuttle Crossing and Sawmill Road). So far, the group has no concrete plans for the new set-up…no name, no theme, but they do hope that it will be a place that will excite the Surly crowd and bring in new folks as well.  (jj)

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