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Proof that beer is good for the Columbus economy

Proof that beer is good for the Columbus economy

614now Staff

I don’t expect that this is going to come as a great shock to you, so let me just be direct.

We love beer.

Beyond the most obvious of reasons, beer has an incredible impact on the economy. A new report from the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association took a look at all facets of the industry including the brewing, wholesaling and retailing of everything from the Milwaukee’s Best that you might pick up at the grocery store to the craft beers you knock back at your favorite neighborhood watering hole.

Specifically, in Central Ohio, more than 9,300 people are employed in the beer industry, in one form or another, accounting for more than $335 million in total wages each year.

While the number of bars and microbreweries continues to rise locally and nationally, large breweries account for a bulk of industry employment…roughly 70%.

So, in the future, please know if it feels as if you’re spending half your paycheck at the bar each week, your city…your country…thanks you. Cheers.  (jj)

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