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Wine on High uncorks plans for renovation

Wine on High uncorks plans for renovation

614now Staff

1506528_835536283164612_2861030088825453610_nThe Short North’s Wine on High (789 North High Street) plans to close its doors beginning this Saturday. Owners have decided that renovations are in order to make the retail shop more inviting and comfortable for customers.

The goal is to have more people stop in, not just to buy a bottle of wine and go, but to maybe enjoy a glass or two on site, nibble a bit and simply hang out.

As it sits now, the first floor is pretty much designated as the wine and beer retail shop with an upstairs bar offering wine by the glass. Taste Hospitality Group (owners of Wine on High and Hubbard Grille) plans to move that top floor bar down to the ground level while freshening up the look of the retail space. The second floor will be remodeled to enhance the vibe for tastings and other special events.

Wine on High plans to unveil their new look when they reopen this Fall.  (jj)

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