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Cutting playtime for kids at Scioto Mile fountains

Cutting playtime for kids at Scioto Mile fountains

614now Staff

The fountains at Scioto Mile opened to the public in 2011 as part of a huge renovation at Bicentennial Park. Not one to rush into things, I waited until last year to go down and check them out up close. It was a weeknight, probably around 8:30pm and I couldn’t get near the things. Filled with kids running around. So many kids, it was sort of ridiculous. As a guy just trying to get a look at the fountains, I’ll be honest, it sort of ruined the experience for me.

Now before you leap to the conclusion that I just inherently hate kids, you need to know that I am apparently not the only person to have had this experience. And so….here comes the city to reduce the amount of fountain playtime available to children this summer. Between the hours of 10am and 7:30pm, kids can knock themselves out and have a grand time running through the water. Outside of those hours, its adult time.  Peace time. Enjoy the fountain view time. The city says that the majority of the hours will still be there for children to enjoy the fountains with a good run through the water, but they do want to set aside a little bit of time for adults to enjoy the fountains as well with less screaming and chaos.

Compromise is nice.

The fountains are set to open for the season on Monday.  (jj)

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