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IDK if that’s what they meant by ‘edible’ arrangements …

IDK if that’s what they meant by ‘edible’ arrangements …

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ResponisbleOhio, the group that’s put forth a proposal for legalizing marijuana in Ohio, has added a new component to their plan. The group’s new proposal allows Ohioans who’re over 21 years-old to obtain a license and grow up to four marijuana plants at home (for personal use).

ResponsibleOhio spokesperson Lydia Bolander says, “After extensive conversations with experts and concerned citizens across the state and nation, ResponsibleOhio has decided to include regulated and limited home growing as a part of our amendment. Combined with a lower tax rate for consumers, these changes will make our communities safer by smothering the black market.”

This week, the group will be circulating the new proposal as they collect the 305,000+ signatures they’ll need by July 1, if they want to be on the Nov. ballot. (deb)

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Previously Jan. 15, 2015

Hashing it out: Marijuana testing centers in Ohio

A group pushing statewide legalization of marijuana today put forward some interesting ideas.  Under the proposal from ResponsibleOhio, ten individuals or companies around the state would be approved to grow marijuana.  Separate from those entities, five testing centers would be set up…one in each of Athens, Lorain, Mahoning, Scioto and Wood counties.  Those centers would examine the ganja to verify its quality and safety at the wholesale level before it reaches the consumer,  A representative for the Drug Free Action Alliance, an opposing group, is not impressed by the concept of the testing centers.

“No amount of talk about drug testing centers can mask the fact that ResponsibleOhio’s number one goal is to create constitutionally protected drug cartels. There isn’t enough lipstick in Ohio to make this pig look pretty. Just ask the other Ohio groups pushing for marijuana legalization.”

ResponsibleOhio’s full proposal is expected to be released next week.

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