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Ohio AG says ‘no-go’ to medical marijuana proposal

Ohio AG says ‘no-go’ to medical marijuana proposal


Things aren’t looking so high for ResponsibleOhio, the group that put forth a proposal to legalize marijuana, as Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected their petition yesterday (Feb. 23). While the petition had the necessary valid signatures, DeWine said it also had two major defects in its summary language:

  • It omitted that the proposed amendment would allow the sharing of specified amounts of marijuana between adults 21 yrs-old+
  • It didn’t (accurately) reflect how the proposed taxes would be distributed

ResponsibleOhio says the proposal rejection is only a minor setback and that they’ll work to correct the language. (deb)

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Previously Sept. 19, 2014 

Med. marijuana could come down to a vote

Ohio Attorney General has said that the decision to legalize medical marijuana will likely come to a vote in the Buckeye state. He said after hearing the overwhelming support of the drug for medical reasons in polls he understands the reasoning behind legalizing, but specifically for medical purposes. “I think what’s going to be the key here is that the devil is in the details,” he said, according to 10TV. “We’re going to have to see how that’s going to work out so that it doesn’t become just a free for all in the state and we end of doing what Colorado is doing, which is to have marijuana that is totally available to any adult.”

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