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Results: Victory for Ginther, bad night for Scott and Buddie

Results: Victory for Ginther, bad night for Scott and Buddie

614now Staff

results picWhen your opponent’s name is linked to a bribery scandal for most of the campaign and he still beats you by a wide margin, then you know that it was just not meant to be.

It was not meant to be for Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott.

Columbus City Council President Andrew Ginther will be the next mayor of the City of Columbus. Ginther bested Scott by 18-points.

Statewide, the biggest issue of the night was Issue #3, ResponsibleOhio’s proposed state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. This has to have been one of the most talked about ballot initiatives in Ohio history. Voters had to ask themselves if they supported the legalization of marijuana and, if so, did they approve of the way that it was to be done…by setting up a monopoly of ten growers in the state. This issue gave us Issue 2, a ban on the establishment of such monopolies in the future. (We’ll get to that one in a second.)

Results show that voters rejected Issue 3 by a healthy double-digit margin: AGAINST 64%, FOR 36%

Votes agreed to the anti-monopoly Issue 2, 52% – 48%.

In other results…Issue 1, a plan to revise the way that Ohio draws up its legislative districts was overwhelming passed by voters. In Franklin County, levy renewals were agreed to by voters for ADAMH and the Columbus Zoo. And Democrats were leading in the contests for Columbus City Council.  (jj)


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