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(614) robbery: man hides iPods in his pants

(614) robbery: man hides iPods in his pants

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.30.09 AMCentral Ohio Crime Stoppers is putting out the word of a consumer electronics robbery at a local Target store.

On October 13th, a man entered the Target on Soldano Blvd (West Side), grabbed a cart and headed straight for electronics. Store detectives watched the man put two iPods into his cart. A short time later, they saw him remove the iPods from the cart and hide them down the front of his pants. (Plenty of room in there, sir?)

As the man then tried to exit the Target, store detectives attempted to stop him. That’s when ‘Mr. iPod Pants’ threw a punch, striking one of the security associates in the face, and ran off. The punch takes the case from theft to robbery.

Suspect description: white guy, 30 to 40 yrs., 5’8″, 180lbs., short brown hair, wearing a darker long-sleeved shirt beneath a light colored pullover shirt, dark pants, and athletic shoes

Anyone with info on this guy is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477) or go to their website:

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward.  (jj)


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