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Allegation: Diocese kept quiet about teacher’s relationship with student

Allegation: Diocese kept quiet about teacher’s relationship with student

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Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.31.48 AMPolice in Seattle have arrested a former Bishop Watterson music teacher who stands accused of sexual misconduct with an underage student.

As of late, 34 year-old Brian Sze has been an instructor at a private school in Seattle. The school sent a notice home to parents explaining about the Sze situation and hurling allegations about Bishop Watterson. According to the Lakeside School, Bishop Watterson knew about the accusations against the teacher and allowed him to resign instead of firing him. When Lakeside checked with Watterson for a reference, the Seattle school says that Watterson failed to mention the accusations and instead gave Sze a glowing recommendation.

The Catholic Diocese of Columbus has released a statement saying that they fired Sze in June due to an issue with another student (not involved with the current charges). They say that Bishop Watterson was never asked for a reference. Lakeside School says that is untrue.

The Columbus Dispatch says that the father of the Watterson student associated with the current charges discovered sexually suggestive messages from Sze to his son in July of this year. In interviews with police, the boy said that he and Sze had a relationship that lasted from April 2014 through May 2015 that included sexual activity.

The Lakeside School has fired Sze.

Bishop Watterson is saying nothing.

Seattle Police will soon send Sze back to Columbus to face the music.  (jj)

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