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FAIL – Whitehall suspect leaves telling clue at robbery

FAIL – Whitehall suspect leaves telling clue at robbery

614now Staff

In what must be described as my favorite crime of the week, police in Whitehall report that on Wednesday a man entered the Columbus Metro Federal Credit Union on Main Street. He demanded and received money from a teller before fleeing. (No one was apparently hurt.) I know what you’re saying….”if only there was some piece of evidence, a clue as to this man’s identity so that police could try to identify him, track him down and make him pay for his crime.”

But wait…

selfiebandit…there is a clue, something that the suspect inadvertently left behind at the bank. Ready? The suspect in the case accidentally left behind his cell phone. <FAIL> It was recovered and police found that it was loaded with selfies. <DOUBLE FAIL>

So far, authorities have not publicly identified the suspect, but if you see this guy, give them a call. 614 237 6333  (jj)

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