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FYI: don’t leave gravestones in your dorm room

FYI: don’t leave gravestones in your dorm room

614now Staff

tombstoneAnd in “weird news of the day” news: a child’s gravestone was found when workers were cleaning out Denison University dorm rooms. Yesterday, while clearing out rooms in Shorney Residence Hall, a partial gravestone was found in one of the rooms. There’s no name on the gravestone, just a series of dates:

“died July 1829” and “Aged 19 M’s, 12 D’s.”

Police are trying to identify where the gravestone came from, but don’t think the stone is from any of the historic cemeteries in the area. It predates those cemeteries by several years. Melanie Schott, of the Union Cemetery Board, has the stone now and is overseeing its possible return. She thinks it might be from the Old Colony Burying Ground, Granville’s pioneer cemetery.

And while it’s a weird and sad story, there’s a possible silver lining for the living. Denison officials likely won’t charge the residents of the dorm room, since the stone was discovered after they’d moved out; the room had been left unlocked and accessible to lots of people. (deb)

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