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Jail time: Discipline for former Columbus City Schools administrator

Jail time: Discipline for former Columbus City Schools administrator

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Classes have just begun for the Columbus City Schools district and one former administrator is already being disciplined. Fourteen days in jail, sixteen months probation for former executive director Michael Dodds.

Dodds was involved in the altering of district records to show fewer student absences and thereby improving the view of the schools’ performance. According to witnesses, Dodds would go into schools, sit down at a computer and change the records. The entire effort seems to have been a bid to remove low proficiency scores from being reported. Because of his actions and the actions of others involved in the scandal, some district employees received unearned bonuses. Also, some parents and students did not receive private school vouchers that should have gone their way.

Another former district administrator, Stephen Tankovich, is believe to have been the man behind the whole thing. He also will be spending some time in jail.

Michael Dodd was convicted of attempted tampering with government records and two counts of unauthorized use of property.  (jj)

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