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CBUS circulator is free … until 2016

CBUS circulator is free … until 2016

For those of us who love free things (which, admit it, is ALL of us), we’ve got some good news! COTA’s Board of Trustees voted to keep the CBUS Circulator free. Well, until 2016 – which is when the current funds will have been used up. But don’t worry too much, COTA and CBUS have created a task force that’ll look for a sustainable source of funding for the buses, so that they can continue to run for free. CBUS Circulator rolled out last May (2014) for use in the downtown area, offering free rides. It travels High and Front St., going back and forth from the Short North to the Brewery District. (deb)

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Previously Nov. 19, 2014 

CBUS circulator will still be free…for now

While rumors of a fare for the currently free CBUS were circulating, it looks like the bus will be free for a bit longer. Wednesday morning the board cast its votes to keep the bus free and it will stay that way up until at least May. Fares for all other buses also will not go up for next year. The board is hoping to find a way to subsidize the line by May 3, the Dispatch reported.

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Previously Oct. 22, 2014

Board members not fans of CBUS fare

COTA board members might not all be ready to charge 50 cents for the CBUS which is currently free. Some even said that charging for it could kill the circulator, the Dispatch reported. “I think we are jeopardizing our success if we move to a fare,” said trustee Craig Treneff, according to the paper. “Frankly, a lot of young people don’t carry cash with them.” COTA is considering raising the fare to cover the costs of runnings the bus.

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Previously Oct. 15, 2014

Proposal asks for higher COTA fare + no more free CBUS

COTA has officially put in its proposal to raise the COTA fare by 25 cents and the free CBUS line would cost 50 cents. “(The fare increase) enables us to continue growing our service and improving our service,” said spokesman Marty Stutz, according to the Dispatch. The CBUS line, which began in May, has allowed for transportation from the Short North and the Brewery District and about 250,000 people have taken the bus. Yearly that line is set to cost the city $1.3 million and with the addition of a fare for the bus, COTA is hoping to offset that.

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Previously Sept. 24, 2014 

COTA bus fare could get pricier

Officials are looking at COTA bus fares, and riders could see an increase in ticket cost. COTA looks at fares every three years to see if any changes need to be made and the last time that happened it was 2012, according to the Dispatch. Not all of COTA’s money to run an operate depends on fares, and only 20 percent is made through tickets, while the rest is paid for through a sales tax. While the authority addresses the issue of rising bus fare prices, they will also discuss the free Cbus Downtown Circulator. The bus was only approved to give free rides through the end of 2014, which is nearing, and COTA will discuss if that free ride will still be available come the new year.

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