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DirecTV pulls the plug on scrawny-arms Rob Lowe

DirecTV pulls the plug on scrawny-arms Rob Lowe

614now Staff

Surely most people are familiar with the popular Rob Lowe campaign for DirecTV. The ads feature a well-dressed, debonaire Lowe opposite another Lowe…scrawny-arms Rob Lowe, creepy Rob Lowe, painfully awkward Rob Lowe, etc.

The ads are now gone. They’ve been pulled from the airwaves following a complaint to the Better Business Bureau by everyone’s favorite cable provider Comcast. Comcast took issues with some of the claims made in the Lowe DirecTV spots including notions that DirecTV provides better visual and sound quality than their cable competitors. Comcast’s complaint says that DirecTV cannot substantiate that claim. For my money, my favorite argument of Comcast’s is about DirecTV’s claim of better customer service. (Really, Comcast? Aren’t you in the news on a fairly regular basis for providing bottom-level customer service to your own subscribers?)

In any event, the Better Business Bureau sided with most of Comcast’s argument and urged DirecTV to pull the Lowe ads or make serious adjustments to them. For their part, DirectTV says that they were moving onto another campaign anyway.

As for scrawny-arms Rob Lowe, it looks like he’s out in the cold…still struggling to open that jar of mayonnaise.  (jj)

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