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HS teen brews up support

HS teen brews up support

614now Staff

While most of us were busy checking the results from Tuesday’s primary, one Watkins Memorial High School student was celebrating. Ally Jeffers, a freshman at the Pataskala school, was tired of seeing her school levies barely pass. And if the latest levy (up for a vote on Tuesday) didn’t get approved, major budget cuts were going to happen. Budget cuts that would eliminate all extracurricular activities.

So Jeffers decided to do something about it. After a brainstorming session with her parents, she came up with the idea to contact Stone Brewing founder, Pataskala native, and Watkins Memorial graduate, Greg Koch. Jeffers wrote Koch a two-page letter explaining what was happening. And Koch responded, with a two-page letter of his own and a $1,000 donation towards the potentially cut programs.

But Koch had something else brewing too. He said, “Stone will pledge to brew a special beer specifically to support this cause — if the measure passes. Once it does, we will work with local bars and restaurants to donate 100 percent of the sales from the specially brewed Pataskala beer.”

And the good news: the levy passed. Even better news? The special brew should be arriving sometime this summer/early fall. So drink up, because it’s educational! (deb)

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