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Kroger buys Kingsdale Macy’s … right next door to Giant Eagle

Kroger buys Kingsdale Macy’s … right next door to Giant Eagle

614now Staff

Update: It seems like a grocery store war might be about to take place in Upper Arlington. Earlier today, the city released a news statement announcing that Kroger has finalized a deal to buy the Kingsdale Macy’s – which is set to close at the end of March.

But how could this set of a local grocery war? The fact that Giant Eagle is also in the same complex. Which means that whatever Kroger plans development the space as, it will be sharing a parking lot with Giant Eagle.

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Macy’s announced that its Kingsdale store would close at the end of March, but it looks like the space won’t be empty for long. As of last week, Kroger officially owns the store’s spot and has plans in place to develop the site. According to the city, Kroger is looking to turn it into a mixed-use concept of a multi-story development with a smaller Kroger store and a combination of other stores: like retail, office, residential, or a hotel.

I’m sure all these changes are going to be great, but a part of me really hopes they keep the old (teal) exterior. (deb)

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