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The ever-steady popularity of the treadmill accurately represents America’s attitude toward fitness—that it’s repetitive, monotonous, and probably going to be boring as hell. It’s hard to get excited about creating a killer new body if it means running in place in front of a TV for a few hours a day. That’s why (614) has [...]
Danny Hamen



The ever-steady popularity of the treadmill accurately represents America’s attitude toward fitness—that it’s repetitive, monotonous, and probably going to be boring as hell. It’s hard to get excited about creating a killer new body if it means running in place in front of a TV for a few hours a day. That’s why (614) has decided to compile a list of alternative, fun, and engaging ways to keep your booty in shape this fall. After all, doesn’t that wedge of chocolate cake taste a hell of a lot sweeter after an intense day of calorie burning?


LVL Up-24

LVL UP Sports •

As of last month, the closest paintball park sat over an hour away—that is, until David Pando, owner of LVL UP Sports, opened a shiny new park in Grove City, just 20 minutes from downtown. But this isn’t just any paintball park. This place is the real deal. “I wanted to build my dream tournament field, and that’s what this is,” said Pando. To attest to the badassery of his newly opened park, globally ranked teams train there every weekend. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro to play, and if you are afraid of the slight sting of defeat, we recommend the low impact paintballs.

Silk Ropes


Infinity Aerial •

We have all been there—lounging lazily on the recliner, delicious snack in hand, watching Circe De’ Solei acrobats delicately fall and swivel from colorful silk ropes hung from the ceiling, thinking, “I could never do that shit.” Well, actually, you can. Infinity Aerial offers beginner and advanced classes for all you aerialist hopefuls out there. Surprisingly, it is not as tough as you would think. Contorting and dangling your body mid air and upside out is not only a great way to stay in shape, but also an  exciting and artistic avenue for physical expression. On that note, they also offer twerking and pole dancing classes…



Cyp Club •

This is how they play football down under, Dundee style. Officially known as Australian Rules Football, Ausball combines elements of rugby, volleyball, and basketball into one exhilarating and admittedly bizarre sport. Believe it or not, Columbus hosts its own male and female semi-professional teams—the Jack and Jillaroos, respectively. The men’s team even placed third in the nation in 2013. Want to learn how to play or join an amateur league? On September 7, the Columbus Young Professionals Club is hosting a free Ausball introduction and Scrimmage at Municipal Park in Hilliard. If turns out to be the sport for you, the Co-Rec Ausball League begins September 21 and runs through October 26th.


Trampoline Dodgeball

Skyzone •

Imagine stepping into a room where the walls and floors are actually trampolines. Then, imagine being provided large, colorful balls to hurl at your friends while doing a hang dive off of the wall. Dodge Ball and trampolines: a symphonic duet that captures everything awesome about being a kid. Located in Lewis Center, Sky Zone offers trampoline dodge ball as one of many amenities for an alternate workout.  In addition, they have Skyrobics, Ultimate Volleyball, giant foam pits to practice backflips into, and even an Ultimate Dodge Ball tournament that all can help burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Just remember to put House of Pain on your Spotify playlist.



Parkour Horizons •

You don’t have to be Ong Bak to jump off of a rooftop onto a moving car anymore. Okay, maybe a couple years training of training at Parkour Horizons would help. As Columbus’s only professional parkour studios, PH offers beginner to advanced classes, boasting their very own indoor parkour studio. Learn to free climb, do a lazy vault or a palm spin, and learn how to evade your approaching ex in the coolest way possible.

Figure Skating

The Chiller •

Sophisticated and stimulating, challenging and fun, the Chiller offers ice-skating classes for all skill levels. With competitively trained instructors, you can learn how all of the sweet spin moves of the Olympians, or, just show up for a relaxing free skate. Don’t worry, if you fall on your ass there is plenty of ice to apply to your bruises.

Rock Climbing

Vertical Adventures •

If you have ever seen Sylvester Stallone’s 1993 classic Cliffhanger, than you know the white-knuckled intensity of rock climbing. Whether you are a first-time climber, or an experienced creeper, Vertical Adventures offers a variety of classes that cater to your specific skill level. With the largest climbing walls in town, Vertical Adventures offers to take your fitness to new heights—just try not to look down. 

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Health & Fitness

Truth or Trend: Does “detox water” really work?

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



Water, H20, aqua: the most basic of necessities for human life. Water is a vital part of many bodily functions, including removal of waste products, but can we make water even “better” for us as a “detox water?"

Simple answer: no.

H20, i.e. two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen atom, is the chemical identity of water. This specific formation is what separates it from other molecules, and makes it the most vital substance to human existence.

Soaking things in your water like ginger, cinnamon, or cucumbers can alter the taste but will not chemically alter the structure. Water infusions like the ones listed in the post above can taste great, but water is still H20 and will function as such.

That being said, water infusions are not bad; in fact if you’re struggling to meet your daily intake, water infusions are often an idea I suggest to patients and clients. Mixing up the flavors can bring water can elevate the flavor, making it easier to drink throughout the day!

Take-away: Don’t let social media tell you water can be changed to a magical detox; water is already an amazing life giving drink. Instead, use social media for inspiration for trying a new tasty drink that might help you get the adequate hydration you’ve been struggling to get!

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Truth or Trend: 30 Day Challenges

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



@DietBetch, a popular Instagram account with over 213k followers, tends to post memes that subtly poking fun at our diet culture. But recently, I was disappointed to see a post about a "30 Day Challenge" that reinforces the unhealthy, fad diet-obsessed world we live in.

This "30 Day Challenge" prohibits participants from consuming foods that many people often associate with being “unhealthy” like soda, candy, and doughnuts.

As a dietitian, I’m not going to disagree that the foods listed do tend to be higher in nutrients of concerns—like added sugars and salt, and overall calories—but, I absolutely believe they can be part of a balanced diet.

By completely removing foods from the diet with a 30 Day Challenge like this, one will simply think, “No…for this month." This purge-style challenge won't teach healthy sustainable eating habits like intuitive eating or portion control.

Take-away: Instead of tagging a friend for a restrictive diet challenge that doesn’t set either of you up for long-term success, try implementing a small sustainable change. Maybe instead of going out for fast food every day of the workweek with a friend, you both could try packing once a week and share recipes and meal ideas!

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Health & Fitness

Truth or Trend: “His” vs “Her” portions

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



It’s not uncommon to scroll through Instagram and see beautiful plates of food labeled “his” and “hers.” Typically the “his” plate is larger in all portions of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

But, this depiction of portioning is inaccurate and can be damaging to the way women satisfy their hunger.

Gender does not determine the quantity of food people “should” eat. From a science perspective, there are so many variables that affect metabolic rates that are not specific to sex, such as amount of muscle mass, fat mass, location of these deposits, physical activity, and more. 

For example, a very active, self-identified woman with high lean body mass can have significantly higher maintenance caloric needs compared to a more sedentary male identifying person.

Take-away: Don’t let social media tell you that gender determines the amount you deserve to eat. Listen to your body and your hunger cues. Fuel your body for what you need!

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