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Nick D’ and The Believers Exclusive 614NOW Playlist & Interview

“…there’s this electricity — this wide open kind of energy, where it feels like anything is possible.”

614now Staff



This week we have a very awesome and special guest curating our Columbus weekly playlist series, Nick D’ and The Believers.

They recently collaborated with Gateway to create their newest music video, which was filmed on High St.

They’re set to screen the premiere of their new video to Room Starts Shaking, off their new EP Crown, this Friday, August 26th, along with a free concert. Proceeds from the raffles and donations will benefit the OSU student org brand of Love Your Melon, to fight pediatric cancer.

We had the lovely opportunity to ask Nick D’ and The Believers some questions ahead of their video premiere.

Two years ago you were part of 614’s class of 2014, how have things changed since then?

We’re all two years older! Haha. We’ve added a few new members to the band: bass player Seth Bain and drummer Cory Webb. The additions have really enhanced our live show and filled out our sound a little more. In the studio, we’ve progressed toward a bigger sound with a wider sonic range, and we’ve added new instruments to the mix, like horns and more guitars. For our upcoming EP, we got the chance to work in a studio with a massive live room. It helped give this batch of songs a more expansive, anthemic feeling.

Sadly, it’s been way too long since we’ve played at Brothers Drake, but we’d still describe it as our second home for sure.

How did you get involved with Gateway for your video release?

As a band we really thrive on collaboration. It’s a big part of our group’s DNA, so we are always looking for other artists and/or organizations to collaborate with. Our experience has always been that when you keep the creative process open and fluid and invite talented, creative people to participate, the end result is always better.

With the video for ‘Room Starts Shaking,’ we’d been playing around with the concept for a little while and as we were getting closer to releasing the song, we started thinking about who we could collaborate with to make this video a reality. We approached the Gateway because of their focus on supporting the local arts community. Just this last summer, they started partnering with CD102.5 for the Local ‘n Live summer music series, so it felt like good timing to approach them about a music video. We were floored when they told us they were on board not just to sponsor the video but also to host the filming and a premiere and concert event. We can’t say enough how amazing it has been to partner with Gateway!

Plaza Starts Shaking Preview at Gateway from Gateway – University District on Vimeo.

Explain the picks on your playlist! 

For this playlist, we did an even split between new discoveries and old favorites. It’s kind of our soundtrack for the last month or so. Mostly summer vibes, but with fall creeping in from the corners.

Favorite thing about Columbus?

Since Columbus is a relatively young city and it’s going through such an incredible growth spurt, there’s this electricity — this wide open kind of energy, where it feels like anything is possible. In some bigger cities, history and tradition can feel a little more stifling. There are harder barriers and heavier burdens to break through to bring your dream to life. That’s much less the case in Columbus. It’s almost like a frontier town in some ways; it’s still in the process of inventing itself. It’s awesome to be part of all of this.

Nick D' and The Believers - Crown - Press Photo 02

What’s the next upcoming thing for you guys, what are you looking forward too?

The Plaza Starts Shaking concert event this Friday is going to be awesome. We can’t wait to share our video in the place where we filmed it with the people who made it possible!

We’re definitely excited about our new EP Crown, that we’re putting out September 2nd. We put so much into this one and there’s a feeling of relief in letting it go and letting people finally hear what we’ve been working so hard to make. We’ve following up the release with a really fun tour, looking forward to bringing these songs to the stage.

We’re so excited to share what we have, but we’re also already working on the next batch of songs. We’ve started mapping out a concept for a series of songs woven together into one cohesive narrative, accompanied by an extended video. We’re already getting the wheels turning on that, talking about who we want to collaborate with, and getting pumped up to start all over again.  



For more information on their Gateway event visit Nick D’ and the Believers facebook page

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“Treat Yourself” to this new Nina West music video

Mike Thomas



Columbus just can't get enough of our hometown hero Nina West, and with good cause. When West isn't repping the 614 on national TV or making history on the red carpet, the local icon is usually finding inventive ways to give back to the community.

West's latest offering, a music video for the new track "Treat Yourself," is perfect example of fun with a cause. Presented by OraQuick, an over the counter HIV test kit, the video was filmed on location in Columbus and features several prominent local businesses:

Choreographer Mark Kanemura (a former backup dancer for Lady Gaga and So You Think You Can Dance all-star) co-stars with West in the video, which follows the pair on a sunny day-long frolic that concludes with a vital message about self-care: knowing your HIV status.

Filmed in the short North, viewers may recognize prominent locations such as Jeni's, Torso, bangSTUDIOS, Union Café, and the North Market.

Look for "Treat Yourself" on October 10/4 on iTunes. All proceeds from purchases of the song will be donated to Equitas Health.

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Arts & Creatives

What’s up with these mini murals painted on downtown buildings?

Mike Thomas



If you're one of the many Columbus drivers whose commute takes you through downtown via 4th street, you may have noticed the strange artwork adorning several buildings in the vicinity of 4th and Broad:

More intricate than your average street art, these perplexing works are rendered in acrylic paint that is applied directly to the face of the structures, depicting various scenic views from throughout the city.

So what gives? Is Columbus home to a brazen, landscape-obsessed Banksy wannabe? Upon closer inspection, each piece on display is accompanied by a gallery-style placard, complete with a scannable QR code. From here, the not-so-mysterious mystery of the downtown paintings is revealed.

A scan of the code on a smartphone directs you to, where the project is revealed as a commissioned public work by Central Ohio Plein Air—an informal group of artists who enjoy painting outdoors.

As the site explains, members of the group created 20 discrete paintings on buildings downtown "en plein air," a style of painting in which the artist paints a subject on location.

For this project, an element of the unexpected was intentional. Focusing on unlikely urban locations, the artists tucked works away in alleys and crevices throughout the downtown core to be stumbled upon spontaneously by unsuspecting pedestrians.

The next time you're rushing your way through downtown, remember to take a peak down those dark alleyways. What you find may surprise you!

For more on this and other public art projects throughout Columbus, and for a full list of artists and works on display, visit

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Arts & Creatives

Maker’s Space: Brother, sister team spreading unique prints around Columbus

Laura Dachenbach



From moveable type to Xerox to 3-D, printing has always been a game-changer.

Several years ago, Columbus graphic designer Nigel Ewan saw a zine with an “impossible” hot pink color that he knew he couldn’t replicate with an inkjet or laser printer. The printmaking game changed for him as well.

Photos: Brian Kaiser

“I was curious enough to investigate the print method— it turned out it was riso, and that pink color was possible because risograph printing uses specifically-chosen inks as opposed to mixing toner or CMYK inks together to produce a spectrum,” said Ewan.

Nigel teamed up with his sister Dempsey, and the two began the onomatopoetically- named Clatter Press, exploring the possibilities of risograph printing to create unique items in small numbers. Risograph printing is not completely unlike mimeograph or silk screen printing, in that the risograph uses a stencil and ink color that is applied one layer at a time, resulting in an often imperfect, but exciting and authentic image. Clatter Press now features the Fluorescent Pink (along with five other colors available for designers) that originally caught Nigel and Dempsey’s attention. (You may have seen a pink photo of Meryl Streep that has made its way around Columbus.)

(614) recently spoke with Nigel and Dempsey to learn more about this unusual printmaking technique and what it can be used to do.

(614): Can you explain the technology and the process behind the risograph?

NE: In risograph printing, a stencil is created in a thin paper which then is wrapped around a cylindrical ink drum. When the drum rotates, ink is pushed through the stencil onto paper to produce an image. This whole process happens inside a large machine made by a Japanese company named RISO, hence “risograph.” Riso printing is extremely environmentally friendly. Stencils are made from rice paper and ink is soy-based. No solvents or heat are used in the printmaking process and all consumables are recyclable.

Is this your primary gig, side gig, or hobby? How did it come to be?

NE: We are a brother-sister team and Clatter Press is a side gig for both us. I am a full-time graphic designer and Dempsey is finishing up her graphic design BFA at [Columbus College of Art and Design]. It’s also definitely a hobby for us; neither of us had ever done any riso printing before we purchased our machine. We wanted to use this technology ourselves to push the limits of our own creative practices. The entire shop is set up in my Clintonville basement—it took four of my friends several hours to get the machine down my narrow basement stairs—so it’s very much a cottage industry. But we love where we are and are excited to continue growing our business.

What sort of projects are ideal for this medium?

NE: Although the RISO company markets its printers as office equipment, the technology is much better suited to creative applications. Artists and designers are drawn to riso because the ink is real ink—wet, oily, gooey—that gets applied to paper in a style more like fine art printmaking than office printing. Misprints such as smearing, roller marks, and mis-registration (different colors not perfectly lined up) are common. This is all part of the appeal. Another appeal is that riso is cost-effective: once a stencil is created, the per-print cost is very inexpensive.

The riso does really well at replicating all sort of mark-making. It can be used to produce sharp digital graphics, smooth gradients, organic marks such as charcoal and graphite, halftones, and even photography.

What ingredients come together to make Columbus fertile ground for makers, designers, and creatives?

DE: Columbus doesn’t always feel like it has the street-cred of older, cooler cities like New York or Chicago, but the upside of this is that everything here feels on the brink of something exciting and new. There is a lot of energy and opportunity in Columbus which seems to be emanating from all of the amazing people who have made Columbus their home and livelihood. We have so enjoyed the people Clatter has introduced and connected us to. Being able to watch so many people we call our friends pursuing fulfilling creative work is really encouraging—and makes us want to always be creating as well. Columbus seems to have boundless energy and this makes it the perfect fertile ground for creators.

What’s your six-word creative story?

DE: Inspiration. Curiosity. Family. Creation. Community. Clatter.

To learn more, order, or see samples of risograph printing, visit

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