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Event Highlight: Wild Goose Creative to Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary of Business of Art Workshop

Event Highlight: Wild Goose Creative to Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary of Business of Art Workshop

614now Staff

Struggling artist? Looking to network? Wild Goose Creative might be your one-stop shop for career development and “art-centric entrepreneurship.”

Hosted by Jesse Jones, The Business of Art workshop will have its two year anniversary tonight at Wild Goose Creative. Artists, entrepreneurs, and others seek to help answer the question, “How do I sell my work?”

“I joined the Wild Goose Creative board in March of 2014 and they really encourage you to find a place to get more involved, an event or artistic medium you can really dig deep into…”Jesse Jones told me, hours before tonight’s event.”

“I am an avid networker and would always try to stop by networking events around the city… but like many of our artists at Wild Goose, I have a day job and my side art gig that I pursue on nights and weekends; and I noticed that at these networking events I really didn’t have an opportunity to talk about the artistic side of my life.” 

Artists and creatives can be sticklers for socially engaging with each other, so Jesse goes out of her way to make sure to cater to everyone attending and that the event if comfortable and fun.

“Our workshops begin with networking, grabbing a plate of food provided by Acre and drinks provided by Superior Beverage Group. We then begin the workshop or panel discussion, followed by Q&A and more networking. The workshop is always free and run by volunteers. I as a board member volunteer, our interns are volunteers, and our panelists or workshop presenters are unpaid. We are all here, donating time and resources, to help our local artists thrive.”

The workshop will feature three wildly different experienced professionals in the field of working artists. Jesse has found that there is a disconnect between being an artist and being an entrepreneur, and hopes these workshops can help bridge that gap.

“…Our mission at Wild Goose Creative is to facilitate the creation of art across multiple mediums by providing resources and experiences for the Columbus creative community while connecting artists and audiences… what better way to do that then to help artists start and grow their creative business! We don’t want our artists to leave Columbus because they feel they can only become a professional artist in places like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. We take their art very seriously and want them to as well.”

The two year anniversary of The Business of Art will start at 6:30pm, with discussions beginning promptly at 6:40, followed by networking at 7:40. It is hosted by Wild Goose Creative and features panelists: Mary B. Relotto, Olivera Bratich and Erik Sternberger.

“We are always looking for more ideas, volunteers and speakers. Our workshops are casual, welcoming, fun and free!”

For more info, click here to head the facebook event page


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