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A Bakery & Book Store is Coming to Bexley

A Bakery & Book Store is Coming to Bexley

614now Staff

Gramercy Books is enjoying a calm first day in their new location in the Gramercy Building in Bexley, all the while awaiting their building twin, Kittie’s Cakes who will be opening their second location just next door.

“There’s a door in between us that patrons can walk through,” said the Gramercy Store Manager.

For book worms and coffee nuts, this sounds like a match made in heaven. Kittie’s Cakes new location will be serving their usual signature cupcakes, plus Stumptown coffee, wine and beer to wash it all down.

It’ll be the best meet-cute location for all the book-loving, coffee-sipping, cupcake-munching lovebirds.

Gramercy Books will be featuring popular titles, poetry, a children’s section, an Ohio authors section, and music related books among other genres.

Kittie’s Cakes is set to open this weekend on Friday at 2424 E. Main St. Gramercy.


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