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Skully’s Music Diner Says Goodbye to 2016

Skully’s Music Diner Says Goodbye to 2016

614now Staff

This year was pretty stressful and was host to some huge music loses — so Skully’s Music Diner is stepping in to give 2016 a run for it’s money with it’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular 2017.

It’s basically our saving grace and yes — of course there will be champagne, and lots of it. 

D.J. Chuckstar and Skull Dogg will be there to wean you into the new year, and then at the end you get a party favor! Because if Ina Garten taught us anything is that a party is not a party without a party favor.

While there are premium packages available, advance tickets start at just $8 and $10 at the door.

Doors open at 8 PM December 31st. Start your year off right with a little dance, music and champagne.

Photo Via Skully’s Facebook Page.


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