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Brewdog Launches Equity for Punks USA

Brewdog Launches Equity for Punks USA

614now Staff

Scottish Craft Beer Company, Brewdog landed in Columbus, Ohio awhile ago and has now launched, Equity for Punks USA to seek investments from customers and “the people who enjoy our beers.”

“Equity for punks is about community. It is about connecting us with the people who love our beer. It is about building a new type of business. It is about taking beer lovers on this amazing journey with us. It is about working together to building something we can all be proud of.” The official Brewdog Equity for Punks Brochure reads.

Brewdog is looking to raise $50 million and it is doing it in an interesting way, by offering buy-ins at $47.50.

Brewdog selected Columbus as their US Landing site a few years ago.

“There is no other mid-sized craft brewery in the Columbus area. We love (LOVE) the city of Columbus.” The brochure explains.

The building is due to be completed this summer and the first brew is scheduled for November.

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