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Giant Eagle Reveals New Store

Giant Eagle Reveals New Store

614now Staff

It’s the grocery store we never needed but always dreamed of. Giant Eagle unveiled their brand new two-story store in Bexley on E. Main St, the Bexley Market Express.

It’s a grocer, a pharmacy, and a restaurant like many other high-end grocery providers, but it boasts a 30,000 square foot space. This grocer offers everything you could possibly want in terms of food. You can even get dinner at their restaurant while you do your weekly shopping. Table by Market District offers full meals at $6- $11 a plate.

Shoppers can also enjoy 18 craft beers on tap, wine by the glass, or choose from their 1,200 wine varieties (with a $10 corkage fee.) For those more into the luxurious grocery experience and less into the I-need-ramen-noodles-asap weekly fiasco, Giant Eagle has you covered.

If you’ve got no idea on what to cook on a Tuesday night, ask one of the staff members since, according to an article by Progressive Grocer, this Giant Eagle has a staff of over 100 people, including 40 restaurant team members that can make shopping less of a chore.

Aside from what sounds like an adventurous grocery experience, Giant Eagle has Curbside Express, an online grocery ordering service, that according to the Progressive Grocer article, means you can order your groceries in the morning and pick them up on your way home without even stepping out of the car. Neat, right?

With all the bells and whistles this grocery store offers, one might wonder, “what can’t you do?” Maybe Bexley Market Express can even be your new date night hot spot. Nothing says romance like a convenient shopping experience.


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