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Local bakery featured on list of Best Cookies in America

Local bakery featured on list of Best Cookies in America

614now Staff

With Columbus culture growing by leaps and bounds, it’s sometimes tough to keep all the accolades our city receives straight. However, that doesn’t keep this one from tasting sweet.

In a list of the Best Cookies in America put out by Time Out New York, Columbus’ own Rogue Bakery was featured.

You might not have heard of Rogue Bakery, because they don’t have a storefront. Instead, they sell artisan cookies online and deliver them to your home.

While they have all the classic recipes you would expect from a cookie bakery, they also have some crazy concoctions, such as the “oatmeal dark chocolate pecan cherry” cookie, and the lovingly titled “WTF” cookie (stuffed with potato chips, pretzel sticks, chocolate marshmallows and butterscotch chips).

The cookie that was featured on the list is possibly Rogue Bakery’s strangest one, and one of its most popular: the “ranch cookie.”

Yep, like ranch dressing.

According to Time Out New York, the cookie manages to balance the punch of garlic and onion with “a bright burst of citrus.”

Want to try out Rogue Bakery for yourself? Check out their website here, and read the full list of the best cookies in America below!


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