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Meat Men: Butcher & Grocer opens in Grandview

Meat Men: Butcher & Grocer opens in Grandview

614now Staff

Striving to be the old-school, specialist destination for meats, Grandview’s Butcher & Grocer is now open for business.

Owners Tim Struble and Tony Tanner are serving up every cut you can imagine, plus cheese, sausage and spices in the atmosphere of a classic community butcher’s shop.

All the meat is locally-sourced and pasture-raised, with the farms of origin listed in the store and online.

“The farmers that we are using, the ones we built relationships with over the past year and who are committed to what we are doing, do everything they can to find the right things to feed their animals,” Tanner said. “Our beef is non-GMO fed, our pork is mostly foraging for its food, and their animals are hormone and antibiotic free.”

Butcher & Grocer is located at 1089 W. First Ave.


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