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#newbrew — Rhinegeist Launches Fiction in Columbus

#newbrew — Rhinegeist Launches Fiction in Columbus

614now Staff

Rhinegeist (which, I found out means River Ghost) has announced that Fiction is back on shelves:

I had an awesome opportunity to talk to one of their representatives, Holly Willer, who brought some of their new brew for me to try. Fiction is a Belgian Extra Pale Ale (XPA) which is the cousin of Truth (get it…Truth & Fiction) and it features a similar hoppiness but with the added zing of immediate fruit. After cracking open the can, the smell of kiwi and lychee hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s really intense and at the same time super delicious.

Speaking to Holly, she went into some of the processes that make Fiction a reality — “This is sort of the first of it’s kind. There are Belgian Pale Ales but they are maltier — so as a difference we dry hop the XPA with New Zealand hops and it is fermented with Belgian yeast. It’s fruity but definitely showcases the hops. The cool thing about dry hopping is that we add hops after fermentation so it doesn’t actually make the beer more bitter than usual.”

“We’re always super jazzed about our beer, especially the brewers who get to see their little baby came into this world. They pour their heart and soul into the beer and that’s what makes it such an awesome product. The team is really like family. I mean…it’s easy to bond and make friend when you’re job has free beer.”

While Rhinegeist is a Cincinnati brewery it’s had an incredible presence in Central Ohio. “It’s really exciting to be apart of the Columbus beer scene and humbling to be in such great company and see how Columbus has responded to us.”

As far as what’s in store for Rhinegeist in 2017, Holly was coy but promised that, “old and new favorites will be back on the shelves and in the taps.”


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