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Patios Are ‘Trending’ in German Village Restaurants

Patios Are ‘Trending’ in German Village Restaurants

614now Staff

There’s been a debate about restaurants in German Village having patios, according to the Columbus Dispatch. 

Among all the things people could debate about, patios seem pretty tame. Rockmill Brewery wants to build a 42-seat patio the Juergen’s German Bakery location, according to the Dispatch. Apparently, the proposed patio used to be way bigger at 57 feet, and people complained that it might be too noisy for the residential area.

This is kind of like when your teacher warned you to not bring gum to class because then everyone would want gum. And that’s exactly what’s likely to happen.

Jay Panzer, who leads the German VIllage Commission, said to the Dispatch that more and more restaurants are requesting patios, including Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant. They proposed an 80-seat patio. Woah.

If every restaurant has patios are patios still exciting? Probably yes, sitting outside, drinking beer, and eating sausage is everyone’s dream. And it would really match the Euro vibe German Village has got goin’ on.

What do you think about the patio conundrum? Sound of in the comments below!


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