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Paul’s Fifth Avenue Makes a Comeback

Paul’s Fifth Avenue Makes a Comeback

614now Staff

The beloved Paul’s Fifth Avenue in Grandview closed earlier this year to be sold off, but much to everyone’s surprise, according to Columbus Business First, it’s made a refreshed comeback.

Apparently the owner, Paul Panzera, just needed a little thinking time while on vacation, where he decided to give his restaurant a slight facelift. The newly opened restaurant has a new interior paint job, new lighting and flooring, and the dividers between booths have been taken down.

Let’s not forget the menu though — favorites like the signature Callahans home fries and the Italian fare are still there, according to Business First, but they are joined by burgers with locally sourced meat, along with a dozen craft beers, cocktails, and wine.

It’ll be the breakfast and lunch pitstop sensation of Grandview, or at least a welcome old favorite. The owner said to Business First that if revenue is fruitful enough, dinner hours will be possible in the future.

Photo via Google Maps


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