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Rally’s Will Use Shipping Containers for New Central Ohio Locations

Rally’s Will Use Shipping Containers for New Central Ohio Locations

614now Staff

Quick! Imagine a giant metal box of corrugated steel — now slap on a Rally’s logo and puff the faint whiff of a Big Buford® and you might have something close to what Rally’s is attempting to do in Central Ohio.

No longer wanting to waste valuable time constructing a building from boring brick and mortar — they’re be using the repurposed shells of shipping containers to house their sometimes double drive-through fast-food burger joints.

“We see this as a way to build faster and to be less expensive,” Bruce Kim, Rally’s director of franchise development, told Bizjournals.

They’re looking to drop up to 26 new restaurants in Central Ohio, which is big news for lovers of their…uniquely flavored food. I can’t honestly tell what it is about their food, it is addictive but very strange — like everything has been dipped in Paprika. It has a unquantifiable sting of spice but I’ve never been able to place it.

Rally’s won’t be abandoning the classic style stores though, as two new classic locations will be opening on the 800 block of S. Hamilton Road and the 2000 block of Morse Road.

In a moment of deep, true and honest clarity, Kim told Bizjournals, “We’re not for the calorie counters, but you can get more food for $5 from us than from anyone else.”


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