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Sayonara: Japanese Steakhouse to close in June

Sayonara: Japanese Steakhouse to close in June

614now Staff

“Sayonara! Thanks for the memories!”

Those were the words Japanese Steakhouse shared on Facebook, announcing its location located at 479 N High Street will be closing on June 25.

The longstanding restaurant operated its 6,600 square-foot space for 45 years.

In the comments section, customers were dismayed at the news, saying they went to the restaurant for over 30 years for anniversaries and birthdays.

The restaurant wrote this in response: “Our lease is up for renewal, the landlord wants to double the rent… We might open another place… but have not had a lot of time to look around, and haven’t liked (or couldn’t afford) what we did look at….

“It is so heartwarming to hear from so many people… words cannot express how much we appreciate all of you that have come here for so many years… Again… Our Thanks to you!”

Customers who want to eat at Japanese Steakhouse one last time are encouraged to call and make reservations to ensure space is available.


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