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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish — Haiku Closing after 18 Years

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish — Haiku Closing after 18 Years

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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish — Haiku Closing after 18 Years

by Matthew Erman

In the Short North there are always two things you could count on — parking was going to suck to find and Haiku would be there until the end of time.

Come December 10th one of those things will no longer be true as Haiku will be officially shutting its doors after 18 years.

I spoke with owner Paul Liu over the phone today, who was gracious and glowing with memories and praise for the city that hosted his family for 18 years.

“So many unbelievable memories, and alumni! They all moved on and kept in touch. Community. We have nothing but gratitude for our customers, and for our employees. We don’t want to go out quietly. We want everyone to come back to celebrate with us and reminisce about our city, and our growth and how we celebrate diversity here in Columbus.”

Their parking lot redevelopment was at the center of  the decision — knowing that they’d have to close for parking lot redevelopment, they felt is was just time. A bittersweet ending for sure, but one that has Lui excited at the prospect of rest but also giving him time to reflect.

“We opened and we worked with artists, every month. We when we opened it was all about community. I think that throughout our years, customers have embraced us because we look after our people. Haiku was so far ahead of the curve too, not even in New York did they have something like us when we opened.”

Lui and his family are committed to giving back to the community which is why until they close on December 10th, they’re donating a portion of their profits to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank as a small token of their gratitude.

Their big ass bash for customers is slated for December 10th. They’re holding a separate party the following day for employees and alumni.

Get drunk, be merry and eat sushi.




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